In Memoriam website

My best friends lost his oldest son yesterday to a tragic accident and has asked me to help him put together an “In Memoriam” website where his sons friends can go to post their thoughts and feelings. I am trying to find some open source code that I could use to do this. I know I could utilize Wordpress and have setup several sites with it, but it seems to me that is a bit like using a sledgehammer to pound in a nail.
If anyone has any suggestions I’d really love to hear them, in the meantime I’ll probably start working on the WP formatted site as there is a bit of urgency to the whole thing and I know that I could always dump the data into a different database should we find a better solution.
Thanks in advance, I appreciate any guidance that is offered.

I’d go with a facebook fan page. I think it’s easier for the younger generation to go and comment. They can also have discussions with each other on there pretty easily without the hassle of blocking SE’s.

TBH a nice site would be nice, but I don’t think they are going to really care how well a site looks for the most part. They are going to be missing their friend/family member more than thinking about how the site is well designed.

On a somewhat related topic,

I’d recommend not allowing the site to be indexed in the search engines, the last thing you want is a bunch of viagra/mail order bride spam on a site like that down the road.

Anyone who needs to know the address will get it from their social circle.

You could also consider a Facebook page to do the same thing.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Yeah, I think Wordpress is the way to go.

It sets up easy, anyone could comment and post their respects, and you might be able to get it hosted for free too.