In IE8 slider pushing content below fold

Hi Everyone,

I am working on a mockup using Foundation Front End Framework and the lovely Orbit Hero Slider they have is causing me issues in IE8.

I have had 5 issues to resolve to get it to work with IE8 (works fine everywhere else) and this 5th and last issue is proving hard to solve.

For Some reason, in IE8 the Slider is pushing the content beneath the fold.

If you are’nt on XP and dont have access to IE8 you can use the Developer Tools in IE9 to view it as IE8 would.

You can see the page here

Any one have any ideas whats causing the issue in IE8 and how to fix it?

After looking more closely at the issue it seems it is more related to the css the javascript spits out than the css documents themselves.

In the Orbit script at the footer of the page I had to change it from;

<script type=‘text/javascript’>
$(window).load(function() {
$(‘#featuredContent’).orbit({ fluid: ‘16x6’ });

To the following;

</script> –>

It seems that the { fluid: ‘16x6’ } parameter inside the orbit function was causing issues with IE8 which could not figure out how to interpret that piece of javascript.