Improvement English communication skill as side effect of programming

I need to improve my English communication skill, but I am very boring to use language learning tools/methods, but instead of this I would like remote working on some real PHP/JavaScript/Node.js/DevOps project (where I feel strong) and as a side effect would be practicing English communication. I have max 10 hours per week available for this. The client and team members should be patient with my weaker English.
Can you recommend something to me? (e.g. where to get such a project or something else)
Thank you!

I do not understand the connection of English grammar and programming projects. You might have a great idea; I am just saying I do not understand.

Something I have heard is that people have learned English by watching TV shows. I do not know how useful that is in reality; it is just something I have heard multiple times.

There is something called Natural Language wherein software is used to recognize people’s languages, not computer languages. For example the following are a couple of possibilities.

There is enough to do with Natural Language to keep you busy for years.

I also found Using IBM watson cloud services to build natural language processing solutions to leverage chat tools | Proceedings of the 27th Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering. I do not know how useful that is; it is likely too technical. Note that ACM articles usually cost money but they are temporarily offering them for free!

For about three years I edited articles submitted to the C# Corner website and I estimate that more than 90% of them were written by people in India. Most of the editing involved English grammar. So I learned many terms and phrases used by Indian English that differ from American English. A few things I have learned are actually British English, but most are not. For example the British often say in-built whereas that looks very strange to me; I am accustomed to built-in. Something that the wonderful and intelligent people of India have difficulty with is saying using instead of by using (sometimes by using is correct but not always). I wrote a couple of articles about words and phrases like that and they are in that other website (the people of this website do not like me linking to things like that).

I did write a program using C# to help edit articles. Is that something you might want to do? If so then please first decide the requirements in terms of whether it must be online (PHP especially is generally online only) or if you want it to be more of a desktop application. Also, what type of document (HTML or Microsoft Word or text only or something else). The most likely choice is something like a HTML editor that has customizations for editing grammar. That is essentially what I did except my program is a desktop application that hosts a browser.

I think the effort is more along the lines of “I want to learn (or rather, become more fluent in) English, but I find recitation boring. I enjoy coding. How can I combine this passion with my goal”

It’s not about suggesting a project, it’s about how you go about it.

Here’s what I would do; Take a project you’re working on, and fully comment your code, in English.

Find someone who knows English, and is willing to read through your code (or at least the descriptions), and point out where things aren’t quite right.

It will take time, and effort, and it won’t fully flesh out your English - programming is only a subset of the language, after all, but it’s a starting point.

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I have seen very many discussions grow to become very large when a question is vague and other people speculate about the meaning. I hope that forlive33 will clarify.

That seems to be asking for a suggestion for a project. So I really hope we get clarification.

Also, I think that the language used by programmers is not the best for general use.

Thank you very much for yours answers!
Yes, I want to combine my passion (programming) with English communication with people.

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