Improper display in Chrome

Hi, my website’s home page: Home | - Rate, Review Teachers, Professors India is appearing half cut in google chrome and perfect in firefox. When I open firebug in chrome to see whatmust have happened, the moment I change any element in any class/id of the page, it becomes perfect! Can anyone help me out with this please? I had faith in google chrome, but now it seems to have shaken! I am using chrome 12.0.742.122.

Remove overflow hidden from #mainmodules, #mainmodules2, #mainmodules3, #mainmodules4 (template.css, line 315)


Hi Scallio, thanks for your quick reply. However, when I do so, it distorts the footer of the page. :frowning:

Also removing the background-color from #footer-bar seems to work for me :slight_smile:

@Scallio: No it does not work for me. It removes the footer altogether. :frowning:

Ah yes, my bad …

  • Remove overflow: hidden from #mainmodules, #mainmodules2, #mainmodules3, #mainmodules4 (template.css, line 315)
  • Add overflow: hidden to #mainmodules3, #mainmodules4 (template.css, lines 317)

(and forget anything I said about #footer-bar)

Works for me in chrome and ff :slight_smile:

@Scallio: Excellent!! It works now! Thank you so much…:slight_smile: