Importance of web contents

i am new content writer, kindly guide me about the importance of content writing.
and how much google accepts the plagiarism??

Given that the content is the main ingredient of a site, I’d say it’s very important.

Oh dear.

Firstly, you’re writing content for human visitors, not for search engines - or if you’re not, you should be.

Secondly, plagiarism is theft. It’s taking somebody else’s hard work and claiming it’s your own. It’s unethical, to say the very least, and may get you into legal problems with the legitimate owner of your stolen content. Whether or not Google notices it and penalises the site for it (and they’re getting much better at that) is really irrelevant. No reputable site owner will want to employ a copy writer who merely steals other folk’s work. And before anybody tries to tell you otherwise, spinning is just another form of plagiarism, so don’t bother thinking about that.

If you really want to make a career as a content writer, then I suggest you rethink your approach.

Perhaps, you could say it is the backbone of your site. Hmmm… Plagiarism… Ofcourse, its bad. It could be bad for SEO purposes. Second, the article could be deleted anytime if ever the owners asks you to. Ultimately, you could get into a lot of trouble if ever you post copied content.

Buddy you are a content writer so you should write your own content. Why you want to post copied content?
Be creative and write about what your title says to your visitors.
provide a good and informative contents to them.
write contents for your visitors not for getting a high PR because if you gonna be focused on your visitors and write some good and attractive stuffs then it’ll raise your visitors and if your visitors graph will go up up and up every day it’ll automatically raise your pagerank on search engines.

so the main point is write your own content don’t think about plagiarism. And keep in mind to write what your title says don’t write anything different from your page title.
Goodluck :slight_smile:

In addition to what the others have said, I would respectfully suggest that you start by learning the basics of English punctuation and grammar. If your post in this thread is anything to go by, I’m afraid you’ll get nowhere in the world of content writing.


LOL Google may at times accept plagiarism. They will not however reward it and in many cases, they will actively penalize it. by virtue of the takedown notices they send you and removing your site from the index if you receive too many of them, they’ve made it clear that they don’t accept it. As one poster states, calling yourself a writer if you’re using stolen content (yes, let’s call it what it is) is a misnomer if you’re not writing content, but rather taking it from others.

Hi plagrism is a wrong practice and Google’s panda 4.0 will panalise you for the same. It is better to write a content for the end user instead of writing it for the search engine.

As the replies all seem to be in agreement, and the OP hasn’t returned with further questions, I’m closing this thread.

Thanks to all who contributed.