Implament RSS feed in Asp.Net

I have a task of implementing RSS feed in my Asp.Net project.But i have no idea about it.Can any one give me suggestion and code to implement RSS in Asp.Net application.Do i have to download RSS0.91 ? and add it in Asp.Net application if so how to call that rss feed in to .aspx page,plz consider this mail as very urgent and convey ur suggestion.


I have the same question. I am doing this for a client’s ASP.NET site which was created before I met them. I have a teeny tiny bit of exposure to .NET and am more familiar with PHP. I have found some tutorials online but they were all very old and incomplete.

Here is the codez

I’d check out the System.ServiceModel.Syndication namespace.

Are you a student, or is this for a client?