Img php question

Hi all,

I have a piece of code that is in a lot of people’s email sigatures

<a href="signature_redirect.php"><img src="image.gif"></a>

In order to change the image in everyone’s esig, I just upload a new image and rename it “image.gif”

Rather than uploading a new image and renaming it “image.gif”. I would like to use:

<a href="signature_redirect.php"><img src="image.php"></a>

Where image.php displays an image, is this possible? How do I do it?

I find my curiousity piqued… why would you want to just readfile the image out… if that’s all you do, it’s equivilant to having the individual .gif’s in the links?

readfile is the answer I am looking for.


Is there an ASP equivalent?

I want to count how many times the image is shown, and together with the redirect counts that will give me the CTR.

If I just put image.gif, I can’t count how many times the esig is shown.

Also should I want to be able to update esigs via a web interface (or at least I want Non technical users to do this), they can change esigs by uploading the esig.

have a look for gd tutorials, thats how to make images with php

Offtopic: btw im from gloucester too (work in the forest) lol

Or, if the image doesn’t need to be modified at all, simply send the header and then:


If the image didnt need to be modified at all, he would just stick with uploading a new image for each person and then using the .gif in the link tag :wink:

php file display an image please.

Do you want to know how to change everyone’s signatures or how to make a php file display as an image?

Or he could ask somewhere like here and actually expect an answer beyond ‘find a tutorial’ :wink:

The PHP Manual pages on GD functions are here.
The basics of it are: Have your page throw a header(‘Content-type: image/whatevertypeofimageitis’)
then use the GD functions to create/combine/writeon/whatever your image, and output it using one of the image<type>() functions, like imagejpeg();