Images with css

Is it possible to make these images, one main one then the rest underneath and when clicked becomes the main pic? Is it possible with css or does it need jscript or something?

Is it difficult and how can it be done?

You’ll need to elaborate a bit. CSS galleries can be done, but more commonly you’d use JS.

I just need a main image and the other 3 images as thumbnails lined horizontally under the main image. Possibly being able to click the smaller images to make them show as the larger main image.
How to do it, any tutorials to show me etc etc or is it easy to code?

You could try something like this:


You can do it like this with a little bit of jquery (just view source as all the code is in the head). If you don’t want to use jquery then it could be converted to vanilla js without too much trouble (hopefully).:slight_smile:

It should be self explanatory but just ask if you need clarification.