Images Not Showing In IE


Here is the link…

Everything works perfectly in Firefox, Chrome, Safari but on my PC at home it does not work in IE. I am using jQuery plugin using image fades but it doesnt seem to work in IE or show the images at all for me. Below is a link to the jQuery plugin I am using…



I don’t know if it solves the problem, but I noticed that the Rolla jQuery plugin demo ( has an IMG in the HTML, while your page doesn’t.

Your page needs an IMG anyway, so that JS-disabled clients can still see the photos.

It probably doesn’t help that the JavaScript is producing an error in IE.
Appears to be coming from jQuery at the moment.

Thanks fattyjules but if you actually look at the source code this is the code that pulls in the images and does not contain images the images seem to be pulled in from the javascript.

<a href=“” class=“rolla”>test</a>

Thanks logic earth any idea what this problem coud be?



Hard to say when looking at compress JavaScript…trying to debug using jQuery min is like trying to study bacteria with $5 binoculars.
Would update jQuery anyways, there is a new version available.

Try disabling JS and calling one of the images Jquery calls and see if it even opens in IE (I can’t test ATM)

If it does work then make sure Jquery is calling the same path and if it then doesn’t load in IE then it is a JS error and you should get that fixed (or find a new script)

I went to the demo page and it works in IE so its got to do with something I did or missed when putting it into my site, correct?

Ok I found different way and much easier and got it working in IE now.



May I make a suggestion? Instead of using “AC_RunActiveContent.js” use jQuery SWFObject to add and load your flash elements. Will help to reduce some of the page weight by using the existing jQuery library.

Whoops, my mistake. Sorry.

I was using ‘inspect element’ in Chrome, which must show the generated source, not the original source. Lesson learned!