Images not showing in IE

Check this page out:

At the top is a list of the top 10 stats for the forum. In Firefox I can see the “New” or “Old” image to the left of the Latest Posts list. However, in IE I see a placeholder suggesting the image doesn’t exist. Very odd!

Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix?



The links aren’t working. I visited the page, clicked the icon and found that the image didn’t exist.

There’s something wrong with your images.


Yes, likewise, the images don’t load for me in FF either. So the image paths are wrong. (Perhaps they’ve moved since you last refreshed FF?)

If your images folder is in the root of the site, try adding the slash in red:

<img src=“/images/statusicon/post_old.gif”>

Also check that folder and make sure the image is actually there online.

You are right, the images were all png and not gifs. Bit odd, especially since I can still see words in Firefox. Got it. Firefox must replace the missing image with words whereas IE doesn’t. Anyway, uploaded gif versions now. You guys helped me find it. Thanks.

That’s what we do :smiley:

Happy to help.