Images loading one by one only in IE8

images loading one by one only in IE8 but works fine with other browsers, what can be problem here? please share any helpful information related to this subject.

I think you need to give more information, as it’s not clear what you are describing here. All browsers load images one by one, as far as I know. You can post a link to the page, if that helps. :slight_smile:

image load experience of IE 8 is very slow and it looks like every image is loading one by one slowly slowly and which is not the case with other browsers they are quit quick in loading images. I hope this will help.

Dont have URL as it is locally hosted page

Have you made page in <table> or <div> or in <table slicing>?

You can try clearing temp files on your IE 8 or resetting your IE and see if images loads faster.