Images for new iPad or other High DPI displays


Not posted on here for a long time. Nice to be back.

How are people catering for new high DPI displays. I have seen a number of different methods such as How Apple deal with it, etc but I wanted to know of any methods you guys use. I ahve come to the conclusion already that there is not one method solves all with this problem and it will entail a mix and match and whatever suits the project being worked on.

I have been looking into for 1 graphic so far, SVG. I have a got an SVG graphic (of my avatar actually <–) and am using a standard <img> tag to display it. Works perfectly in Opera, nice and sharp but in Chrome, it displays but is blurry. Any ideas on how this can be solved? I was planning to use a form of this script to show a PNG first and switch out to the SVG if the browser is capable but unsure for other images and if so I need the blurryness problem in Chrome solved.

Any thoughts.

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If you use media queries properly, the higher display shouldn’t really be a problem - it’ll display as a desktop browser would, just w/ a smaller physical (in, cm) size.

Or am I wrong about that?