Images display blurry on firefox?

Hi, I had a quick question. My portfolio website has images of course on there but when I view them on my firefox browser, I’m using windows xp, they display slightly blurry. When I right click to view image the appear perfectly clear, also when I use IE they appear perfectly clear as well. I viewed the site in ubuntu using firefox and they appeared clear as well. But I tried re-uploading the images and clearing the cache and all that but it seems to not work, its kind of frustrating, but have any of you ever came across this problem before? thanks for any info.

It can occur when the specified image size is different from the actual image size.
It would be easier to determine the cause for this if we had access to a page that demonstrates the problem you are facing.

I agree. The most likely cause is that the image is being resized by the HTML. That is the only time you get images looking different in different browsers.

Hi, well i forgot to mention this as well but I did see if that was the problem and it wasn’t. The page is:

actually i just seemed to fix it. i accidentally used the ctrl key and mouse wheel, sorry about that, thanks for the help.