Imagecopyresampled and black images

I’m looking over a script that is having problems with images from a particular source. I think it’s a Samsung cell phone. But, whenever the user with this phone attempts to upload and image to our site, the imagecopyresampled seems to choke on it and creates a big black image, nothing else is there. If I take this image and re-save it in an image editor, it uploads and functions fine.

Other users seem to be uploading images fine, resizing is working (making thumbnails, etc). It’s only on this one user’s images from his Samsung device. Anyone have any thoughts? I’m stumped…

A follow up, got an image from an iPhone and Motorola/Android phone and both of those images worked fine. I wonder what it is about that Samsung image that it doesn’t like?

Sounds like it.
I would compair the Samsung image to one of the others and see whats different. Do you have access to Imagemagick as it has an operator that will give you loads of image information.

This is using php and you can also try with the command line in Windows or Linux:

system("convert photo.jpg -verbose -identify ");

command line
convert photo.jpg -verbose -identify

Change photo.jpg to the photo path.

P.S. I am off to bed now but if you want to PM me a link to a couple of images I will run them through IM tomorrow and let you know the information - I can not analyse it or tell you what is wrong as I would not know but you will be able to see what is different between the two files.
Also is it just the one users phone or all Samsung?

good idea Rubble, thanks

well, it’s fairly obvious it was his phone (which now he tells us he no longer has :rolleyes:). checked all the images out and the only difference that I could tell was that 1 image was from a Samsung device, everything else looked fine. All other images I’ve thrown at it works, so he’ll just have to run all those old images through some image editing software and call it resolved.