Image won't repeat

Can anyone tell me why the images in this email will not repeat.

I have tried to place an inline style for the image to repeat on the y but it stil won’t repeat


Go to chrome, right click on where the missing image would be. Select “inspect element” from the menu.

In this case while you don’t say what the missing element is (probab want to include details like that in the future)
you should see a lot of info come up about your page.

I’d have to guess that the missing image you are referring to is:

<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0">

it seems to be missing. or another reason it may not be showing up is that wop uses paths to connect so for example to place images in my wp page i had to use

<img src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory'); ?>/img/csExperience.jpg" />

so not quite 100% sure of what you are trying to do. a better option might be to include the background gif in the css.


Good luck.

sorry, your right I should have been more specific, it’s the two big while border to each side. If you put in less content it’s fine but when you put in more content the content area expands but the two grey borders do not:


Content-left and content-right are 200px in height, when I place thebackground-repeat:repeat-y; inline style it still doesn’t expand. Both left and right images have some white in them also to allow for the content edges which are rounded in some places

k. not 100% sure what the prob is.
took a screenshot of what I am seeing.

  1. the gif in question (& still not sure if that is the one?(what is the name of the missing gif?))
    seems out of the border.
  2. using table might be an issue here. divs are usually better.
  3. probab NOT causing an issue but why do you have text size and font family set for an image.
    4.I see that there was a lot of copy and paste for the css. Is it possible some extra code was carried over and is screwing things up?

Only background images repeat, but they don’t work so well in many email clients, so aren’t really usable. You could perhaps set things up differently so that you could use a background color on the side cells instead, but that’s also a world of pain.

Basically, this kind of layout is not advisable with email, as HTML email is a world away from web design—stuck in 90s code because of lousy email clients with rotten support for HTML and CSS standards. :rolleyes:

Ralph thank you for joining the thread!
Hadn’t even thought of the email thingie.

yes it is a world of pain. I don’t understand why email clients only accept this code! I now understand about the background image and there is no easy fix. Your suggestion about making the background colour seems the only fix and that is a world of pain!!!

@pdxSherpa ; i’ve attached a pic to show what I’m trying to fix for this image:

actually at this point i am out of suggestions :slight_smile: especially as ralph kindly pointed out that were are looking at an email client/format issue. & I know nothing about that.
i’d suggest a flat jpg or pdf or maybe going to youtube for some good tutorial. Or hopefully ralph or someone else here w/more experience than myself can suggest something better.


If you’re new to doing HTML emails, I strongly recommend you check out Campaign Monitor’s awesome resources:

Their table listing of CSS support in email is extremely helpful:

I used that once, to be honest it wasn’t too bad, I like the freedom of doing things myself though.
I have an update on this and here’s the result: New Newsletter

I got rid of the other content area which had the images and I placed this one with borders and place the top image in the content area. Propbably not the best way but it’s got the desired results.

Thanks for all your help to everyone in this thread. Appreciate all help
Many thanks

Nicely handled, hantaah.

thanks @ronpat ; :slight_smile:

there have been issues with this in my email client but fine in browsers. I’m just sifting through html validation to clear up all the issues and it seems to be fixing it.

Quite enjoying the validating of it, never thought I’d say that!


Go to chrome, right click on where the missing image would be. Select “inspect element” from the menu.