Image upload - IE8 browser(?) problem

Hi Guys
I have an image upload script that i have used in a website for about a year now but as of yesterday our client is unable to upload images to their website using it. I have checked that the images they are trying to upload are the correct file format and that they are not so big that the server is crashing. I have tested it at my end on a mac using firefox, safari, and opera and on a pc using IE6 & 8. It works perfectly every time. The client is using IE8 but has upgraded recently from 7 - when it was working fine. Since it works fine in IE8 for us I have also checked to see if they are using the same settings in the browser as we do, and they are the same.

Im sure this must be a browser issue in some way since the only factor that has changed is that they have upgraded their browser from 7 to 8. The strange thing is it works for us in IE8 but not for them…

Does anyone know what might cause this/have any other suggestions that I haven’t tried?

Dump the HTTP submission of the upload from the problem browser and controlled working browsers, then compare.

Ok great. How do I go about doing that on a pc/IE8 :)…

I meant though your script, have it dump any and all information you can get.