Image optimization still matters in SEO?

Yes this is my question that image optimization also matters now in SEO. okey if it matters now then my another question is , if a website logo is common for all landing pages . can we optimize this logo for all page with different keywords. If your answer is Yes because of many top sites using like this. if it is possible then if any body search the html development in image google then , your logo will come . is it right regards SEO. I think not .
what are your views please suggests me

It is important if you want your images to show up in the image results for your keywords.

as a key aspect of SEO that is onsite seo you can’t ignore Image optimization as its hold the key for better indexing

a good image name, alt text and contextual content around the image all helps.

yeah, there is alot of importance for Image alternatives.. But point to remember is that you can use keywords as alt value but excess of use will cause negative effect. You should only describe the image with in one or two words.

Yes image optimization is still an important aspect of good SEO.
I think using the best set of keywords should be done for the logo image, and yes it is common for all the pages(I guess now a days logo image is called for every page from a single css file, so it is common for all.)

Thinking logically, why would it matter all that much in the first place? Should Google promote websites simply because they’ve taken the time to add keywords to an image?

The answer is a resounding “no”. Optimising your images is a good idea, but not for SEO. It’s good for accessibility, which is far more important than SEO. Optimising images for SEO outside of your alt tags and good naming conventions is a complete waste of time.

Dear Anna i am not agree with your point because if you give one image for all pages , in php page and html page and many page you give only that single image ok . now if anybody search the php then that logo will come , that is the best search of php images tell me . and that logo will what ever you search image in the google . i think it is not better . I may be wrong but not clear my point

Sure, It is necessary . You can utilize image file name, alt tag are very important and it is very useful to get traffic from image search

It’s good to use ALT tags but one should not abuse them.

As far as SEO is concerned putting the keyword in the image file name does not help.

Alt attribute is not only useful for visitors, but also for search engines. It gives them a clue as to what the image is about. That’s why it’s a good idea to use important keywords in the alt-description (once again; don’t go for keyword stuffing).

Yes, its true that Image optimization play very important to get lot of traffic. When you will add image in your website or in your blog. Please create tag on image of your website. So that when people search it. They will know where from they are getting this image. It is really good and important to increase you web traffic.

There are lot of image uploading website flicker is one of them. It is really good and high rank website.

[font=calibri]People keep saying this, but I’m not convinced.

I use Google Image Search quite a bit. Mostly, I just find the image that I’m interested in, and go. It’s rare that I’ll even click through to the page it’s used on, let alone spend any time looking at the site. I doubt I’m that unusual in doing so. Does anyone know for sure that they’ve got a lot of traffic on their web pages (ie, not just the images themselves) from image searches?[/font]

Yes i am fully agree with @stevie , it does not help a lot in search engine but when you do not use alt tag in your image then that is the w3c validation error, we must use the alt tag but it does not mean it gives you a good rank , but it is better that tell about your image to google bot by the text because he does not know about your image. I may be wrong if wrong please improve my knowledge.