Image not displaying through custom field in wordpress


I was trying to customize my theme and got the following problem…
The image was not displaying on the homepage in <img> tag even after getting the correct and full path of the image. But then I tried using bloginfo(‘template_directory’) then my image was displayed. The code I used was <?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’);?>/product-images/prod-sprunkler.png" /> where product-images is the folder which contain the image named prod-sprunkler.png.

Now I was trying to get the image through custom field that is I have stored “/product-images/prod-sprunkler.png” in the custom field known as product_image.
So when I am concatenating these two functions to get the full path I am not getting the desired output and the image is also not displayed.
Is this concatenation problem or what? And is there any other solution to display images rather then bloginfo()??

The site url is

The output is I am not getting any image even after trying all possible combinations…

I want to retrieve the field like I have done for price, dimensions and product-code…(all 3 are custom fields).

I have used get_post_meta() for retreiveing the fields…

please help…

No one to reply or help here??!!!

Can you show the full line of code for your custom field from the php file?