Image motion using css

Hi, has anyone got some information on how to make images move using css.
I am trying to get something similar to the top of this web site I want to stay away from flash and java script.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance for taking time to reply to this problem.


thank you,
Can you direct me to any lessons to get any movement using css.

Once again thanks

As I said (or tried to say) CSS doesn’t do movement. It’s mainly for styling page elements—color, layout, that sort of thing. Of course, you can have simple popups, rollovers and the like, but that’s a far cry from moving images. We currently use CSS2, but in the future, CSS3 will have some nice features like CSS3 Transitions (Google that term to find some examples), but I still don’t think they’ll re-create that moving image that you linked to. You need the latest Safari or Chrome to get a decent glimpse of what’s coming with CSS3 transitions.

I’m afraid that’s outside the scope of CSS.

You can get a bit of movement with an animated .gif image, but it’s pretty basic.

It’s a job for JS or Flash.

Thanks Ralph.m