Image help (background img, and regular img.)

I’m having two different problems:

  1. When I am writing my CSS code for a background image, it works fine if I use a url from the web, however I cannot seem to get it to work for a file I have on my computer. I have images on my website that I have taken straight from my own computer file, and they show up just fine, but the background image is just not there. What am I doing wrong?

  2. When I have an image on the website without positioning it, it looks great. However, it’s not in the place I want it. When I give it the position of “absolute” it gets scrunched up vertically. Why is this and how can I prevent it? Is this a browser problem or something wrong with the CSS code?

Thank you!

At a guess I would say this is a pure path issue. On the web, it sounds like you’re using a full “” or something? Obviously that won’t work locally. You can use standard path references and that should work either way.

url(image.jpg) /* a file in the same directory /
url(folder/image.jpg) /
a file in a child directory /
url(…/image.jpg) /
a file in the parent directory /
url(…/folder/image.jpg) /
a file in the sibling directory */

That’s a weird one. Is your webpage and CSS files valid? The W3C validator for webpages is at and the CSS validator is at If they validate and you still have the problem, give us a link to your website. We’ll probably need to see it live and take advantage of Firebug to diagnose it.

without seeing your code, I have no idea

again, without seeing your code, I have no idea