Image gallery help please!

I’m using this Galleriffic image gallery in a website I’m building:

I want to be able to click on the large image(not the thumbnails), and it goes to a full screen image, a bit like a lightbox type of effect. Can anyone tell me how easy/difficult it might be to acheive this? My jquery knowledge is virtually non-existent, but my css is ok.

Thanks :slight_smile:


That gallery functionality is created by JavaScript, and as such, kind of gets in the way of what you want to do. Each of those large images does have a link wrapped around it, but firstly, it’s a link created by the script, and secondly, its href points to the next thumbnail. So really, I’d say that’s as far as this gallery goes. Of course, a gallery could be written differently to do what what you want, but would require some well established knowledge of JavaScript … or a prewritten script to do just what you require.

Hi, I was just thinking that MAYBE this might help. Check out then [URL=“”]check this link in the help forum. It sounds like what you want to do.