Image Floats Outside Container

Can someone tell me why the image inside this blog post hangs outside the container? Any ideas what code needs to be added in order to fix it?


It seems to be by design ( img.size-medium.alignleft, ):


@media screen and (min-width: 810px) {
	.full-width .site-content blockquote.alignleft, 
	.full-width .site-content img.size-full.alignleft, 
	.full-width .site-content img.size-large.alignleft, 
	.full-width .site-content img.size-medium.alignleft, 
	.full-width .site-content .wp-caption.alignleft {
		margin-left: -168px;

At greater than 810px width you are dragging the image left by 168px.

If you don’t want to do that then amend that rule above but I’m guessing this was some sort of design flair :slight_smile: