Image enlarging feature

You can see on the above link that there is an image enlarging fearture. How is this accomplished?

this could be achieved through Jquery or w/o Jquery?

If you disable JavaScript, the image enlarging feature does not work. Therefore, one can conclude that the image enlarging feature requires JavaScript. Whether they are using vanilla JavaScript or jQuery requires an examination of their code. In your browser, you can “Show Source” and examine Bloomberg’s code.

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No No My quetsion is can we do it through pure CSS that can work in all browser.

Images can be resized without using JavaScript.

Do you know any example on codepen that can achieve what we want? I searched, but couldn’t find.

I think this is pretty close = but with javascript.

Off Topic:

Actually, that wasn’t your question. :slight_smile: @ronpat answered the actual question you asked. You’ve even tagged this topic jQuery, suggesting that’s what you want to use.

Asking the right question is always the fastest way to get a useful answer.


Please see.

Anyways, sir, can we accomplish this w/o Jquery with Pure CSS so that it works in every browser. I tried to change the heading, but I couldn’t.

Whether or not resizing an image using only HTML and CSS will work on the page(s) that “we” are designing depends on the structure of the surrounding code and how you expect the image code to behave. You have not given enough information for us to tell what “we” want.

You ask the question as though there is a one-solution-does-all answer and there isn’t. Solutions are designed to fit the need. After reading the detailed requirements, JS or jQuery might be a better choice.

You will find many examples on this forum of images being resized using HTML and CSS.


Sort of I want to clone as in the example I posted from Bloomberg, and it looks like that it is feasible by using vanilla JS or Jquery.

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