Image elements do not have [alt] attributes / FIX

Hello !
I just have created a movie website, i optimized the site and i have a score of 92/100 seo. I cannot get 100 because " Image elements do not have [alt] attributes " i put text on any image, i asked even the guy who created template. he said it;s not a problem to leave it like that…with other template google pagespeed can see my alt attributes. i tried with plugins…but same problem. Any ideea how can i fix it ? Sorry for bad english.
Please Help.

You will need to add the alt attribute to the images on your site. In the attribute’s value, describe the image.

<img alt="The Beekeeper 2024" loading="lazy" src="" class="imglazy lazy-loaded" data-src="">

The text overlaid on the images is not the same thing as alt text, as is is not seen as related to the image.
For visible text that relates to the image you may use a <figcaption> element, though you would need to alter the HTML structure to have the caption within the figure element.

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to be honest i don;t really know how to do that…

How is the site made, is it some kind of CMS? Do you have access to edit the HTML code?

yes i do have access. wordpress + template