Image display according to file name

Hello friends help me for solving this issue i need display an image according to the the file name the user enter in the text field from the folder where i have stored the image how can i do it… just tell me the path way or the coding … i searched in the google all are showing for the uploading funtions i dont need to upload i need to display the image according to the image name…

I am guessing this bit of code will start you off

if($_POST['Filename'] == 'img1') {
echo '<img src="images/img1.jpg" />';
else if($_POST['Filename'] == 'img2') {
echo '<img src="images/img2.jpg" />';
} else {
// default image
echo '<img src="images/default.jpg" />';

This will take input from a form and display the image on a .php page.

Of course, there are more efficient ways but this will point you in the correct direction.

friend this one i know it but i mean see i need to display the images according to sme range so the folder is set according to that and it need to fetch it according to it and display the image from that like it will contain more than 3 or 7 so what we will do
I need to display 3 or 7 image at time according to the text feild input like example if i am selecting rose means it should display all the type of rose in the folder and then we can apply this code … so i need the method like this… can u tell…

so you mean you want to show items based on category!
Then put all the categories in drop down list so that user can select only correct category and then use glob as suggested.