I'm so excited right now!

I know I’ve made a lot of posts over the past year and half. Most of them were technical quandries, with a few rants in between. Now, I finally post something positive.

I finally got everything working!

NHibernate, FluentNHibernate, AutoMapper, Castle Windsor: they all work! All the practices I’ve read about: dependancy injection, the repository pattern, ViewModels and presentation classes, the specification pattern, extension methods: they are all working for me now as well.

I now have a custom dll called Enterprise.Foundation with namespaces for Application, Domain, Persistence and Web. Each has their own set of namespaces and classes that are generic and abstracted enough where any project I choose to handle will be tremendously easy!

As for my forum project, the domain dll now contains only the entities, value objects, and repository interfaces. The persistence dll contains repository implementations, entity maps, and conventions. The application dll contain services, view models, custom specifications, and presentations. The only code in the web app is in the Global.asax, and the controllers (which I decided not to put into a separate dll at this time).

The basic app finally compiled and ran for the very first time today, in it’s current form. I am taking a small break now, but I cannot wait to get this thing done!

To all who never complained, and persevered through even the worst of my threads,


Congratulations! :slight_smile:

I hope this doesn’t mean an end to your posts that confuse me into learning new stuff.

Surely you jest Mark! I can’t stay out of trouble. lol

Good to know it’s all working well for you :slight_smile: