I'm looking for free and safe steganography

I’m looking for free and safe steganography software. I searched the internet and installed about 10 software, but all of them were unusable. In particular, many software programs say that the file is too large for the photo in the container, so they won’t be able to put anything in it. Even a file with just “A” written in Word cannot be included. Please give me advice.

Hi, which operating system are you using?

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That doesn’t really surprise me, as steganography is often described as a way to hide “a message” or “some text”, not as a way to hide Word documents. On my PC, a Word doc with just an “A” in it is 12K bytes! Have you tried just an “A” in a Notepad file to see if that works?

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Thank you both. The two I use are {HidenSend] and {Image Steganograph}. However, there are problems with both, and {HidenSend] causes an error and no matter which image is used, it will be 0 bytes. Image Steganograph causes an error when trying to decode an encrypted file.
I also tried using Notepad, but it didn’t work for this reason.
I would appreciate it if you could let me know if there is any other software that is easy to use.