Im looking for a versatile sentence randomizer software

assuming im a writer with a writer’s block, and i need clues, is there any professional software out there to assist, unlike the ones that generate one sentence at a time from the developer’s database? ive also seen some that allow the user to paste words into its database, yet those ones dont have the level of versatility i need.

ok, see what im looking for…

assuming i want to make a seven words sentence, the software should have an option for me to paste seven different word lists, for the random words im expecting.

you may ask why not have one word list to randomize from.

its because i want to classify between different word types. the word types will be differentiated as columns in the software (or with commas or spaces… whatever). all i know is that each of my seven word lists have target COLUMNS.

again, the generator can generate up to 100,000 ++ sentences at once.

this means that each data base outputs for one column but can output many at once. if this means that it will generate all possible combinations AT ONCE…BEST!

so each column that represents each database.

REMEMBER that the randomizer will be able to allow users feed in a list of words.


If there is, I don’t kwow about it

Maybe these sites?

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