Im having a hard time hiring php developers. Any advice?

I work for a software/marketing company, great company. I have been here for a year and now am in charge of the development part of the company. We are growing like crazy and I need to hire developers. I had no idea it would be this hard to hire. The area where the company is located is in a part of southern California that is not known for tech and is in the middle of nowhere, I’ve tried posting on indeed, linkedin, twitter, facebook, but so far have gotten no results.

I am now trying to hire remote developers but not sure how to go around doing so. Any good sources on remote developers? Overseas or North American Based, I just need good developers.

Where in California?
What is the salary range?
Building something new or maintaining something old? If maintaining something old does it use any frameworks or cms’s. If so which ones.

Temecula Area.
45k-55k to start, full benefits, awesome environment, plenty of room for growth, lunch catered in on Fridays, snacks and drinks provided and fully stocked for free (redbull, chips, candy, etc.), monthly company fun day (we spend the day gokart racing, flying drones, etc.)
Adding features to existing product primarily.
No framework or CMS but about 15 pages or coding guidelines, everything in our code is uniform to our standards.

That is the typical salary of someone straight out of college. Is that the type of employee which you are targeting? The median salary for that area is around 80K according to Are there other developers on your team like a lead and senior?

Yes we are targeting junior developers. There is a Lead developer, Senior Developer, Mid Developer, and two Database Engineers.

Less and less people right of college want to be using php. I think with the emergence of node you might begin to see an expiration date on php. An expiration date that affects finding quality engineers to do that type work and be paid less than if they were using the mean stack. JavaScript everywhere is the craze these days and smart, inexperienced people know that so probably aren’t bothering with a php job.

And there’s more than just salary.

- Benefits - eg.

Full medical and dental
paid leave
paid vacation

Yes there is, and we offer that. Full Medical, Dental, Vision, Paid Leave, Paid Sick leave, paid vacation, holiday bonuses, and monthly gift card raffle for our employees.

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Well, that sounds good.

It must be as oddz posted and that there are less devs interested in entry level PHP positions.

And you offer telecommuting and / or relocation assistance?

I must admit, as popular as PHP is, I find it hard to comprehend what the difficulties could be in finding recruits.
It doesn’t make sense.

It makes a lot sense. The mean stack is really eating into the entry level positions. Nobody wants to be learning php when they could be learning JavaScript and probably getting paid more to do so as a first job. Not much appeal to maintaining legacy php projects for entry level employees.

Since you probably don’t have a dedicated recruiter, have you considered hiring a recruiting company?

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