I'm considering building a coupon site, is WordPress the practical solution?

I’d like to know if WordPress is capable or if it is the best solution for building a coupons site? Take RetailMeNot.com for example, does it look like they are running WordPress? In some ways it sort of resembles a blog. What kind of plugins can achieve those similar functions?

Some features:
If you click on a coupon, it opens a popup window and a new browser window with the merchant’s website. You can save coupons into your account (if you create one). More importantly, how are they able to update thousands of coupons on a daily basis? Is there some way to auto-feed them or are employees manually entering the coupon codes, typing the short descriptions, and inserting an image?

Any input or help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi inline6,

Short answer is yes, WordPress would be a suitable framework for this type of site. Creating accounts is possible as are popups and the like. As to how they update the codes, I couldn’t say.

Just bear in mind that WordPress is a blogging framework. If you want to modify it, you will need a good grasp of PHP and probably javascript/jQuery. WP does have great documentation and you will be able to get plenty of help on these forums.

Best of luck.


Thanks Mickyginger. I don’t know why, but i always hear about WordPress being used as a portal despite it being a blogging software. I hardly hear anything about Joomla these days (has it gone downhill?).

@inline6 - WP can definitely be used to create a coupon site and I have been running one on WP for a long time. There are many plugins as well as ready made themes available which can do the job for you. The themes also have most inbuilt functions needed for the coupon site to run. Search for wordpress coupon theme and you can see how wordpress works on coupon sites as there are many such theme providers.

Are you manually entering the coupons and store info yourself, or are they automatically updated?

Depending on the theme you have different options. Some allow upload of CSV for coupons, some via XML and so on depending on how you configure / which theme you buy.

:)) - You were really funny with this.
Retailmenot make a profit of 30 million $ / year. Of course the are not based on wp. They have their own platform. At this level of money it is required as the attacks on the site … well they exist.

Yes you can built a coupon site on wp … but this is all that you want to built it? Cause if you want also to make money …
The biggest problem would be to update the coupons and delete them after they expire. With the updating you might have some problems.
Note: a lot of updates on wp might cost you money ( monthly fees in order to get the coupons )

I work with a script from couponsitescript.com. No fees for the coupons as I take them directly from the affiliate networks.
It’s not based on wp, it’s a custom script. You can make it if you want also available on wp.

There are really only three ways that coupons could be added.

1.) manually by users and employees
2.) Scrapped
3.) Business relationship with vendor that provides API or import of coupons

My guess is they use all those methods.

Wordpress is not an appropriate platform for an application like this. Especially if you need to automate the process and integrate other APIs. Unless you really like dealing with poorly written code and repetition that is.