I'm building a React UI library — Feedback appreciated

I’m building an amazing UI library for React. All the components you need to build UIs, with some cool features like the fact that you never need to do anything to maintain the components and it’s a complete set (100+) so you don’t have to create custom ones. So all the boring work of having to create and manage them on new versions of react, tailwind, etc is taken care of.

It also packs a fully customizable design system with a fluid space scale, fluid typography scale, decouples design from development (no style code on component code), and a few other innovations.

It also has accessibility, usability and keyboard navigation as a first-class citizen (based on React Aria).

I’m looking for people excited for this type of product, who enjoy giving feedback on mockups and product ideas. Any takers?

Here’s is the introduction page: https://verveui.pro/getting-started/introduction