I'm a grasshopper, need css help with superfish

I’m just starting my site with Joomla. Most of this forum is geek to me. I am a super new grasshopper but I need to start somewhere.

I installed superfish menu. It is working, it just doesn’t fit my 2nd level menu items.

I know how to open the superfish.css files and I tried messing with the widths a bit but nothing worked. Oh, and it is not the same at all in Internet Explorer.

Is someone that was a newbie before willing to help? I’m willing to learn and I’d be grateful.


Hi nederland, Welcome to Sitepoint!

In your template.css you will find the styles for the left column on line 536. It has overflow:hidden; set on it and it is hiding anything that protrudes from the left column.

Just remove it and the sub ul will appear in full width.

--------------------------------------------------------- */
#ja-col1 {
    float: left;
    [COLOR=Red]/*overflow: hidden;*/ [COLOR=Black]<< Remove this[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    width: 27%;