I'm a beggining blogger and have a few questions to ask!

First off, hello! My name is Jamal and I’m new to this forum, so I thought a small introduction was necessary :slight_smile:

So, recently I began learning Japanese (I love Japan and I’m sick of being stuck in this vicious cycle of English people being arrogant and only bothering to learn English), so in order to aid my progress and to keep me committed I thought setting up a blog documenting my journey from zero Japanese to … Although I have a few questions that i need to ask.

  1. What would be an ok amount of posts per week? I was aiming for one a day but I can see that getting hard as time goes on, is less ok?

  2. I know you’re probably sick of this question, but what ways are there to increase the traffic to my blog? I’ve searched in this forum and there isn’t much that I haven’t done (I think), so I thought I’d try and find some more answers :stuck_out_tongue: <snip>

  3. Although this isn’t incredibly important to me it would be an amazing bonus for me, What ways are there of making money? Well that’s not actually the whole picture, you’ll have to know this in order to see my problem with this. I’m 16 so I cannot use adsense as far as I know, or many other things, my Mum won’t let me use her bank account to collect the money because she’s one of those people who won’t put her details online. As well as this, as I’m under 18 my bank won’t let money get wired into my bank account, so I’d either need paypal payments or preferably cheques.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any help is appreciated!

Hello, i’m a non-English native so i’m into foreign languages also. I had an attempt to learn Japanese but i’ve lost it because i haven’t the proper environment to learn it.

Aw, well if you ever start it up again hit me up, it would be good to have a study partner :slight_smile:

I’m actually a fine one to talk because all of my blogs are in perpetual disarray, but here goes.

  1. To start, I would try for a post a day until you have some visibility and a following. Your readers really just want to know when there will be something new. To keep them from coming back to the “same old”, why not end your posts (or use a widget) that tells your readers when you’ll be back and maybe what your next topic will be? (e.g. “Next Monday we’ll discuss Japanese vowels. Don’t miss it!”)

Another thing is that you have the time you posted, but I think you should add the date as well. You might also want to add a related posts or previous posts widget to help your visitors find other posts they may want to read but have missed.

  1. If you’ve submitted to search engines and are active in Social media, that’s about the best way to promote your blog. You might also joins some forums that specialize in learning languages… not necessarily Japanese, though, because some of your contacts may like learning languages and believe that Japanese is too difficult. You can show them that it is not.

  2. I wouldn’t take a check from a stranger. Especially, not on an International level since exchange rates can fluctuate drastically. Why not just start out with the PayPal donate button? However, I believe that your platform, Bloggerm may have some rules against monetizing your blog in that way. Be sure to check all their rules before you try any form of monetization.

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OK, thanks for the tips! Also I have read the stickied posts :stuck_out_tongue: Which is why I put what I did :slight_smile: Anyway that actually was a lot of help to me! Thanks once again :slight_smile:

Take a look at problogger.net and tentblogger.com they have some rather detailed posts directly related to some of your questions.

Thanks :slight_smile: ! especially like tentblogger :slight_smile: