I'm 59 and new to Web Development

I just bought to book Node.JS Novice to Ninja which led me to this forum.
I am looking to change careers and find a job working from home that I can do into my old age.
Wish me luck!

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There are many directions to go and many things to learn.

You have not said whether you are familiar with databases. You will need to learn about that if you are not.

Professional developers use version control systems such as Git. If you are not familiar with version control systems then you probably need to learn that. Source code management systems have existed since before you began your career therefore you are already familiar with that much at least.

You could begin with simple static sites that only use HTML, CSS and a little JavaScript in the client.

Have you created web sites? Does the book explain how to host a website using a server such as Apache or Nginx?

I began as an IBM Mainframe COBOL programmer about half a century ago. I am teaching myself ASP.Net websites. I have a DigitalOcean Droplet I am (so far) hosting a few simple websites using Nginx.

Personally I do not like JavaScript. I am not saying do not use it but I cannot help with it.

I’ve built a few simple sites with a bootcamp class video. I am really just getting started but I want to learn as much as I can and hopefully find a decent remote job. I’m open to learn whatever people are using.

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You will get many suggestions for what to learn. Many of the choices would be your personal preferences for what you want. Probably the better that others understand what you are more likely to want the better they can guide you. Do you think you are more interested in front end (the UI) or the backend (such as databases)?

I do not know how to search for what employers are hiring for but you can use that as guidance.

I want to learn both frontend and backend for now. I will see whcih path I like later.
Thanks for your help

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Welcome! The great thing about web development is that it doesn’t have the barriers to entry that a lot of traditional fields have. Age isn’t a barrier, either. As long as you have it within you to adopt a developer mindset, you’ll be fine. (Personally, I don’t! I enjoy HTML, CSS, and a little sprinkle of the rest, but I enjoy keeping it simple!)

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That’s great. I was worried about age barriers. Thanks for your words of encouragement.


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