Illustrator: Having a "master" graphic that copies pull from

Basically I have a sheet with a dozen business cards and instead of editing every single one I’d like to make one of the cards the “master” and the copies will reflect any changes to the master.

Is there a way to do this in Illustrator?



you could use design a ‘master’ layout, convert to symbols , THEN do a gang up using copied instances of said symbol. If then needed to make an update on the card design… you would edit the symbol itself ( just double click on any instance of the symbol to do this) and NOT on the layout itself. Please note that if you expand the instances (as in expand appearance) / or break the link to the symbol , will of course mean that the instances will no longer automatically update when you alter the master.

hope that helps

@ dresden_phoenix Best process of convertor multi slide to main with changing files …