Illustrator CS top toolbar missing?

Hi, hope I posted this in the right place… I’ve been looking everywhere and I can’t seem to figure it out so I hope people here will be able to help.

I use Illustrator CS and my top toolbar (like the one that usually has Live Trace options, etc.) completely disappeared. It doesn’t have the Default Workspace option like in CS2 which I use at work, so I don’t know how to get it back! I’m assuming I might have accidentally clicked some kind of shortcut (I use a Mac, btw) to make it disappear but I can’t figure out how to get it back. Can anyone help me?


Hi Vicki,

I’m in CS3 (MAC) and this is what I go to for that toolbar: Window > Control

However, it may well be different in CS. If Control isn’t right, it will definately be in the Window menu somewhere.

Hope this helps.

Hmm I don’t think there is an option for Control window, I tried all the Windows in that menu but none of them were the top toolbar, just various other windows. Thanks for trying :frowning:

You can get your default worskpace by going to Window menu in illustrator and it is the first or second option… i can’t remember right now…

You should have the options like default, minimal etc…

I had a really long day and if this is entirely incorrect… i’m sorry!

There’s no option for that under Window.

This is what my Window menu says:
New Window
Minimize Window
Bring All to Front

Document Info

etc.etc… I tried all of them and they’re all actual toolbars and not the top one I’m looking for.

Thanks though :frowning:

I’m sorry… CS2 has the “Workspace” option under the Window menu. Didn’t know there was so much of a difference between CS and CS2.

I skipped CS and from 10 to CS 2. Hopefully someone with CS is here and will know!

Dear Vicki
I have Illustrator CS2, and just checked the New Features in the help menu. There are Live Trace and Control Panel new feature instructions.
Unfortunately I never used CS, I jumped to CS2, as conradical did, but it looks like these features were introduced in CS2.
Can you upgrade, and if you do, it’s well worth going to CS3, I am just discovering the Master Collection - Amazing upgrade.

Good luck