IIS on Windows 7


I’ve just installed Windows 7 Ultimate. Managed to get IIS running, installed PHP and MySQL.
And then … Service Pack 1 comes down the line and installs itself. IIS no longer running. I check everything. Everything seems to be OK. I do a System Restore and bingo: all is fine again.

I know that I may not have everything just right. But, I’ve heard of other people having things not running after Windows updates.

So, I am thinking of ditching IIS and loading Apache. Is this more robust?


If you plan on doing PHP development, I’d try to mimic what your production server would ultimately be running. If it will be running apache, I’d run apache locally. If it will be running IIS, run IIS locally.

I’m not sure why IIS would stop running after SP1, but you may want to read this; however, without knowing the exact error you were getting, it is hard to deduce what the problem may be.