IIS Custom Name

Pardon me if I got into a wrong topic…


I am accessing my localhost through my local IP
how can I change it into something like this - http://localwebsite/ or http://localportal/
not via IP

I am in XP - running in port:8081 (I have apache installed run on port:80)

Thanks in for the help

You could modify your hosts file

Change localhost
to whatever

Why not use the conventional http://localhost:8081 rather than standing up new host names? If you are on xp then you can’t be running separate sites as IIS 5.1 is limited to a single site so it don’t matter so much.

It really matters really, its about friendliness of the url they are visiting, if you are end user, localhost:8081 is alien to them it looks geeky, they like more of cuteurlforcommoner/login.aspx something like that.

I tried that on IIS7 for multiple sites, I will surely try this for this case. Thanks!

Oh, are you accepting incoming requests on the XP machine? I don’t think the hosts file will help with that.

I was thinking you just wanted a different name for testing apache vs IIS.

Assuming you have a DNS server somewhere pointing an url to your machine, all you have to do is add a header definition to the site in question. In IIS, right click the site you wish to edit, then click “Bindings”. You will see a dialog with various names and associated ports. Click “Add” to include a new definition. This is how name-based hosting works, and how IIS knows which “site” it should serve, based on the incoming request.

oh pardon me for the confusion, yes I am accepting request on the XP Machine.

This is in IIS 5/6 or 7 ? =)
Thanks for the tip…

uh…all have a similar dialog, though the menu item names might not be the same. Just look through the contextual menus for a given site and look for Bindings.

A few visuals should help: http://www.hosting.com/support/iis7/create-new-sites-in-iis-7

Yes, DNS would work for any web server. It is just a way of mapping a name to an IP address. And it is the only way to do it. You going to need a domain name for each site

Doesn’t Windows only support one web site unless you are running a Server OS?

Yes, you are right. Sorry, have not used IIS6 or XP in ages. lol. OP is going to need windows server or windows 7