Igaro App JS Framework (1.0) for Web-Apps. Zero HTML. Maximum performance


It’s not Angular (it’s faster). It’s not React (it’s more advanced). It’s not Backbone (it’s far better engineered).

Igaro App is NOT yet another framework that plugs into your HTML. It’s a completely different approach, offering possibility the highest performance of any web-app framework, and the very latest standardized technologies such as Promises (and zero callbacks), an event driven architecture, and new approaches not used by anyone, one of which is called Bless. Now, standard Javascript objects can ‘talk’ to parents, with events sent up a chain.

There’s superb error management and recovery, a lazy loading architecture using CommonJS style modules, many widgets to get you started, and zero dependencies (no JQuery).

If you’ve been thinking there’s a better way then all these frameworks - and you want to see it, without the bluster of a center aligned Apple style sales page, then head over to the URL, and view the web-app (which is the download on Github). If you know JS, there’s almost nothing to learn, because Igaro App is 100% ECMA Javascript standard. And every module is documented.

Thanks for reading, and please post your comments to let me know what you think. Your feedback is critical to the success of getting this new framework noticed.

Thanks for reading!,

Andrew Charnley (igaro.com)

Very much Impressive,Good to go.

Thanks Sir! I’m very glad it made a positive impression!


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