Iframes and hyperlinks

I hope I can articulate my question well enough. I’m using joomla. I have a link on my site, that when clicked on, it opens a pop-up. The pop-up then has a hyperlink, that goes to a file on my server that has a javascript and an iframe, the iframe links right back to another joomla article. However, instead of the hyperlink performing in it’s normal manner, it is sort of behaving like a button. I am assuming this is because of the iframe, But of course I could be wrong. I think this would explain a bit better. If you go to the following link and click on game template, and the hit the next link, you will see how it reloads the page or something


normally what would happen is that the hyperlink will display the next article the same way the first article is shown, but in this case it is not. The reason that I have the iframe is because it has a script that counts the amount of times a page is being loaded and then has an action once that max amount of times has been reached. Anyways that was just a side note. My question is, is there anyway to have the hyperlink act as it normally would without the iframe, which is go to the next article and display it it the same fashion as the first.

Thanks in advance