iFrame content--body and html tags ok?

I have a page where, for reasons of supporting some legacy videos, I need to load a complete HTML page in to an iframe.

The page in question is a complete HTML document, with <html> , <head>, and <body> tags. I’ve loaded it in successfully in IE8 and FF3, but I’m wondering if there is any problem doing this–do I have to strip those elements out?

<iframe src=“mypage.html”></iframe>



No, you are loading that page into the iframe the way you should.

Just to confirm, the page being called in to the iFrame may have head, title, body tags?



Yes, it’s meant to have them.

An IFrame could be modelled and treated as a mini-browser inside a web page.

Why would you need an iframe to show videos? I am confused… even ActiveX can be embedded for old players directly into a page.