If you we're hiring

Hey guys/girls,

If you we’re hiring a prospect, as a Junior .NET developer, which canidate would you prefer:


Associates Degree, with electives in IT. However, with 2-3 years of experience in that field.



Bachelors Degree in the CS with a 3.9 GPA, but no real-world experience, just book studing and labs.

And why?


Funnily enough, we are in the process of doing just that. Personally, I’d go for #1–cheaper/easier to have someone else figure out if this person can cut the mustard in a production environment. Especially for the sorts of things we do, having a CS degree won’t help much. Alot less than stuff like knowing how to use source control, configuration management and basic office etiquette.

It doesn’t matter. Anything can be learn and train.

Excellent, I’ll remember that next time I need to hire an airline pilot and my choices are a guy with 20 years experience as a pilot and someone who has never even seen a plane before.

Of course it matters.

There isn’t anywhere near enough information in the descriptions to make a decision on. Bring them in, and see who does better on the interview and testing.

I would probably go with the person that didn’t have the degree but had real world experience.

I would also factor in which would be a better fit within the company.

I agree with tke71709. Interview them both and see who is the better fit.

I guess it depends on how much time you want to spend managing them.

#1 is the easy choice because he’s ready to go while #2 is going to take more effort to get him into a work environment. It could pay off big in the end though. :smiley:

Well, if you’re under tight schedule then #1 but if it’s for long run then #2. I probably send #2 kid to 2~4 week training.

I wouldn’t make a decision until after an interview and see how they handle some simple programming questions/examples/exercises.

Well, I think practical experience is more important than having a degree as for degree holder you need to explain and train more comparing to experienced person.

Nice thread
I will choose no 1 because I’m an IT :smiley:
also to maintain the standards of your company
interview/ some test matters too.

All other things being equal, experience.

I would like to prefer the first because he has experience in the same field for 2-3 exp.,so we can get him into process with out any training