If Not Logged In Redirect


I am trying to complete a registration script. There are certain pages which I want to redirect someone if they not logged in. Can anyone please advise how best to do this?

	     if ($_SESSION['userLoggedIn'])
  echo '<div class="loggedin">
' . $_SESSION['userfirstname'] . ' ' . $_SESSION['usersurname'] . ' <a href="/test/closesession.php">Logout</a>
} else { echo
'<div class="headersignin">	
<a href="/users/login.php"   rel="nofollow" class="blacklink"   >
Sign in
<div class="headerjoin">
<a href="/users/register.php" rel="nofollow" class="whitelink"   >	Join free</a>

With a registration page you wouldn’t want them not to be able to register? Just prevent them from going to private pages by adding something like the following to those pages.


    // First execute a common code to connect to the database and start the session
    // At the top of the page check to see whether the user is logged in or not
        // If they are not, redirect them to the login page.
        header("Location: login.php");
        // Remember that this die statement is absolutely critical.  Without it,
        // people can view your members-only content without logging in.
        die("Redirecting to login.php");

Thanks mate,

I got this to work within a few mins.