IE9 video tag fallback broken?

Ok, i thought with IE9 there will be no more stupid IE stuff we have to deal with. They drive me crazy!

If i put a poster to the video tag the fallback stuff is not shown in IE9.
IE9 shows the poster.

Also my flash fallback does not work. I just have a black box with a red cross.
I mean it works in Opera 9, 10.5 10.6, 11, in IE8 and even in the old Firefox 2.
Why the hell does this stupid **** happens in a new html5 browser :headbang:

Will MS ever make a browser where you don’t spend your time to figure how to fix there stuff?

So here is the question: How to fix it :smiley:

There are no HTML5 browsers yet. :slight_smile: If you have a link, we could check if there’s something simple that can be changed.

I know. But you know what i mean - its allays IE who makes things different and drives developers crazy.

There is not really a need for a site. Just do local:

<!doctype html>
<html lang="de">
<meta charset="utf-8">

<video controls poster="my.jpg" width="415" height="332">
  <source src="my.ogv" type='video/ogg; codecs="theora, vorbis"' />
  <p>where the hell is my fallback MS?????</p>


and call it in IE9. This little local snippet proves it does not work and its not some server misconfiguration. :mad:

I don’t think M$ Explorer supports that mime natively. Anyway, you should probably have the OBJECT as a fallback within the VIDEO element itself.

The poster attribute is a fallback in of it self. By displaying it if there is no video data is fully within the spec.
Review the source code of this page:

Ok, how does that make sence that the poster is a fallback? I mean how can we than show alternativ content.

@logic_earth, i know video4everybody. And i just found out that with that code the flash fallback also does not work in newer Firefox.

So my old code does not work really work. I allways hat a ogv in there and never checked if the flash fallback works in FX. But FX 3.5 and above do not show the flash.

Hm, looks like it’s not MS fault.
Looks like i understand it wrong.
I thought if all browsers fall back to flash if they don’t support the codec.
But thats not the case. Browsers who know the video tag and don’t find a video with a codec they can play, don’t fall back to flash.
Just browsers who don’t know the video tag fall back to flash.

So my problem are Safari>5 and IE9 if i don’t wan’t to put a H.264 in there.
They don’t fall back do flash :mad:

@MS, sorry for my fault. But anyway i’m a Microsoft fan and own 3 XP, 2 Vista, 2 Win7 licenses, have a WHS, a Xbox, a Xbox 360 and a HTC Universal and HTC HD2.
So i really like you :slight_smile:

As you found out yourself, IE9 follows the spec when it doesn’t show the fallback. :slight_smile:

If you want it to show the fallback, you need to do it with script yourself. You could put onerror=“” on the last <source> element to detect that no provided codec was supported, and replace the <video> element with its children (excluding the <source>s) in the DOM.