IE9 and IE10 not showing images without extensions when linked


We’ve got a few sites where I work which use an image filter which generates and saves the cropped image without an extension.
In IE9+, the images display correctly when displayed directly on the page, however, when you click to view the image only the image doesn’t display and instead fires up notepad showing the raw image data.

I’ve solved this issue in the past, but cannot remember how, nor where I found the help.

Do any of you know how to get around this issue?
Uploading the images again is not a viable solution as there are too many.


Is your web server serving the extensionless images with a proper mimetype?

How do I check this?
In Chrome the console is showing a mimetype but that could just be Chrome compensating.

After further testing, it would appear that this isn’t an IE specific issue.

Firefox is returning the images with text/plain mimetype.

Gotcha. I would start by serving an appropriate mimetype to help browsers render the things. IE is just doing what it is told and opening notepad to display your text file.