IE8 SUPPORTS THIS JS Math.max(Math.min(

daysInPeriodvar = Math.max(Math.min(endPeriod, dateOut) - Math.max(startPeriod, dateIn), 0);
If not what is the cross browser method? implement manual min max methods?

why not work calc functionality here? i mean no work in some versions of IE only?
relates to Math.max(Math.min(endPeriod, dateOut) - Math.max(startPeriod, dateIn), 0);
used in calc function…

I.E. has always supported those methods. The error is elsewhere.

Not always - Internet Explorer 2 didn’t support scripting languages at all. It has been supported since IE3 though - which is still an earlier version than anyone is likely to be running any more.

I am still no make it why not work in ie7, ie8… all is on js can you help? startup with
<input type=“button” id=“calcButton” value=“Calculate Amounts” onClick=“calcGeneral();”/>

There’s nothing wrong in what little code you have posted to explain why it isn’t working (although including JavaScript inside the HTML <input> tag is a bit old fashioned) so the problem must lie in the part of the code you haven’t shown us yet.

I was not meaning that. i give this function (button input) as a start point, for you, for debug. the problem is:
at after press id=“calcButton” having selected dates prior, no work in ie7, ie8.

It would be easier to work out what is happening if all the JavaScript was correctly attached just before the </body> tag instead of being scattered through the HTML.

Without being able to locate the particular script that has the problem in that page my best guess as to why it doesn’t work in IE7 and IE8 would be that there is a somewhere in the code that is using a JavaScript command that those browsers do not recognise because the JScript equivalent (that those browsers would recognise) has not been provided.

d[0] = (new Date(“00:00:00 January 1, 2013”)).getTime();
d[1] = (new Date(“00:00:00 April 1, 2013”)).getTime();