IE8 Duplication problem

I have made some changes to my site and everything looks fine in firefox but when I check it in IE8 there is a border which has been duplicated and I can’t figure out why. The site is and if you look at the the menu at the top there is a border underneath each tab on each page, well this is duplicated above the tabs in IE8 but not FF and I can’t figure out why. Can anybody tell me what I have done wrong.


Thanks for that Paul. I will sort it when I get home.

Yep that has sorted it, thanks again :slight_smile:


You haven’t closed the anchor here:

<h2><a href="contact.html" class="pinkcard"> Live in Sheffield S35/S6?  Call 0871 3021046 to book!<span></span>[B]</a>[/B]</h2>

That confuses IE8 and hence the duplication.