IE7 Issues

I have a website in development, which uses JS (jquery) and some things are not showing in IE7. It’s like none of the JS even works. I’ve tried to get help from the coder but to no avail.

I understand IE7 is a bear, so those comments I can do without. Can someone help? Maybe see something in the code or know a trick to fix?

Here’s the site:

I’m new to using jquery myself so figuring it out myself has been difficult to say the least.

Thank you.

On line 1004 in your script.js file you have an extra comma after “html”, remove that and it should work fine.


I changed it and it looks like it’s working very well.

Thank you very much. I spent hours looking through this.

It’s fantastic to have great resources like these forums to get help from experts. Invaluable resource.

Here’s what’s causing the error, it seems to be a conflict between that IE9 code and the font inherit statement, which comes from your CSS reset.

<script src=""></script>
<style type="text/css">
body {
	font: inherit;