IE6 Question

This page:

has display issues when viewed in IE6 - the post is cut off too early and the comment section does not show. Everything is fine in modern browsers. How can I get the page to show everything in IE6?


Hi, add a wrapper surounding Content and .sidebar (just those 2) and then give the wr apper haslayout :slight_smile:


Thanks Ryan
That does it but I cant seem to find the right place to put the wrapper in the wordpress files. I am assuming this is a Single Post - but that page does not seem to have a sidebar reference and when I put a wrapper div around the code inthe page the sidebar slips to the bottom (only in IE6) so I made the wrapper width 480 px (the size of the content ) but that did not fix the sidebar.

Hi, you mgiht want to head over to the wordpress forums to figure out how to place the code.

You don’t need the sidebar referenc.e Just find hte opening of hte Content div and place one before that (id="wrapper) and then find where the #container closes (since .sidebar is the last element in there) and place a </div> before that closes :slight_smile: