IE6 issues again and again

please help with Internet Explorer 6 issues:

the navigation is getting completely jacked up. please note that the image used for the right side of the rounded rectangle in the nav is located in the .html file.

also the content for the 2nd and 3rd boxes are being pushed too far to the left

can someone please help me to get this looking like it does in IE7 and IE8? :blush:

Why are you supporting Internet Explorer 6? It is a nine-year-old browser that is being used less and less every day. Youtube dropped support for IE6.

If Youtube, one of the biggest websites on the internet, decides that IE6 support is a waste of time and resources, you may want to consider that yourself. The only reason people continue to use IE6 is because they are too lazy to upgrade to a more modern browser, of which there are plenty of free and some light-weight alternatives to choose from. If webmasters dropped support for IE6, web browsers would upgrade. It’s as simple as that.

Digg is interested in blocking IE6 users from certain activities, Facebook has been prompting IE6 users to swap out their browsers since February 2009, and even YouTube is rumored to soon stop supporting the browser and instead encourage users to upgrade to Chrome, IE8, or Firefox 3.5.

It’s up to the Web as a whole and its citizens to persuade IE6 users to make the transition to a new version, or to a third-party browser.

Let IE6 die the death it should have died years ago! In fact, that piece of garbage should have never been born.

i agree it should have never been born. praise to mozilla and safari

what about company intranets? aren’t a good deal of people forced to use IE6 while at work because their companies refuse to upgrade? i don’t want people at these lame companies to think my sites are crap and never REVISIT them again when they are at home with safari or firefox.

every person i talk to who has no knowledge of web dev thinks all browsers are basically the same and if it looks scattered in IE6 then it will look messed up when they use other browsers.

if someone can take a look at my site and give me some pointers to just make it look OK (i know the .png transparency is a NOGO). or decent enough to be functional with IE6 i will be grateful and gift them enough via paypal to buy their family a couple pizzas. mr. ryan reese can confirm that i do indeed give these gifts (although it takes about a week)